4 Way LT 

4-Way pipe fittings have a total of three ports on the same plane, with a fourth socket to allow perpendicular connection 

Circo 4 Way LT fittings are available in Furniture grade and Utility grade, as well as the colors shown above.

Call for other COLORS (1-877-762-7782)

The 4 way LT PVC pipe fitting, also know as a side outlet tee or 4-way corner fitting is commonly used to building the sides of a box or cube out of PVC pipe. It is also useful to make the ridge on PVC greenhouses or small PVC buildings. Some dog agility customers use the 4 way LT at the base of jump pole stands. Give us a call for any questions or ideas. 

4 Way LT fittings are available in the following sizes:

Products that go well with 4 Way LT's.