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Hot-Dip galvanized pipe fittings


Hot-Dip galvanized pipe fittings

Hot-Dip galvanized pipe fittings for the treatment of galvanized pipe, galvanized pipe fittings including galvanized elbow, galvanized pipe, galvanized flange, galvanized pipe, galvanized tube cap head. A complex physical and chemical reaction is formed between the tube matrix and the molten plating solution, which forms a close zinc-iron alloy layer with corrosion-resistant structure.The alloy layer is integrated with the pure zinc layer and the pipe fitting matrix.

Zinc-plated pipe fitting process
Electroplating Zinc: Low cost of electroplating zinc, the surface is not very smooth, its own corrosion resistance of specific heat galvanized pipe a lot of difference.
Hot-dip galvanizing: Hot Dip galvanizing is also called hot dip zinc and hot dip galvanizing: It is an effective metal anti-corrosion way, mainly used in various industries of metal structural facilities. is the rust after the steel immersed in 500 ℃ molten zinc, so that the surface of steel members adhere to the zinc layer, thereby playing a anti-corrosion purpose. The main production flow of hot galvanized pipe is: Degreasing → rinsing → pickling → cleaning → dipping help plating agent → hot air drying → hot Dip galvanizing → inside and outside blowing → cooling → passivation and rinsing. The main purpose of galvanizing is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the pipe.

The advantages of hot dip galvanizing:
1. Low disposal cost: The cost of hot-dip galvanizing anti-rust is lower than that of other paint coating.
2. Endurance: In the suburban environment, the standard hot-dip galvanized rust thickness can be maintained for more than 50 years without patching; in the urban area or offshore areas, the standard hot-dip galvanized rust-proof layer can be maintained for 20 years without patching.
3. Good reliability: Galvanized layer and steel between the metallurgical contact, become a part of the steel appearance, so the durability of the coating is more reliable.
4. Coating tolerance: Galvanized layer constitutes an extraordinary metallurgical layout, this layout can withstand in the delivery and use of mechanical damage.
5. Full protection: Each of the plated pieces can be plated with zinc, even in the depression, sharp corners and hidden places can be all protected.
6. Save time and effort: galvanized process is more convenient than other coating construction method, and can avoid the equipment on the site after the need for brushing time.
7. Low upfront cost: Under normal circumstances, the cost of hot-dip zinc than to apply other protective coating to lower, the reason is very simple, other protective coating such as sand paint is labor-dense process, conversely, hot-dip galvanizing process for high mechanization, tightly controlled factory construction.
Usage of hot-dip galvanized pipe Fittings
Hot-dip Galvanized products in industry (such as chemical equipment, petroleum processing, ocean exploration, metal structure, power transmission, shipbuilding, etc., agriculture (such as: sprinkler irrigation, heating room), construction (such as: water and gas transmission, wire casing, scaffolding, housing, etc.), bridges, transportation and so on, has been widely used in recent years.
As the hot-dip galvanized products have good appearance, corrosion resistance and so on, its application range is more and more extensive.